A new paper on dynamic traffic modeling in Transportation Research B

A new paper on macroscopic modeling of dynamic network loading in the multiple-reservior system has been released in Transportation Research Part B (50 day’s free access to the article from here).

A macroscopic dynamic network loading model for multiple-reservoir system
Qian Ge and Daisuke Fukuda
Transportation Research Part B: Methodological
Volume 126, August 2019, Pages 502-527.

In this paper, a new dynamic network loading model is proposed based on the concept of macroscopic fundamental diagram (MFD). The reservoir (i.e. multiple neighborhood that consist of multiple MFD reservoirs) model is built on the conservation of flow in reservoir and the boundary model is built on the supply and demand of neighboring reservoirs. The design parameters such as length and boundary of each internal path have been studied in depth.This model is tested by several numerical experiments.

論文「A macroscopic dynamic network loading model for multiple-reservoir system」(葛研究員・福田) がTransportatoin Reseach Part Bより刊行されました.この研究では,都市域全体を複数の貯水域(Reservoir)から構成されるInput-Outputシステムと見立て,各貯水域内部での交通流がMFDに従うと仮定した上で,異なる貯水域間の流動(エリア間OD交通量)を交通流理論に整合的に記述する,新たな動的ネットワークローディングモデル(MRDNLモデル)を開発しています.その上で,このモデルに合致した数値計算スキームを構築し,いくつかの数値実験を通じて,提案したマクロ近似手法が適切に地域間の交通流動を記述できていることを明らかにしています.