Research Report Seminar, “Research and Development of Road Technology Utilizing Various Big Data” (February 22)

[22 February, 2019]

We held a seminar, “Research and Development of Road Technology Utilizing Various Big Data”, in collaboration with Iryo Laboratory, Kobe University, Tsukai Laboratory, Hiroshima University, and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism (MLIT). In this briefing seminar, each project leader introduced the outline of their research on three specific projects (ETC2.0, autonomous driving, and AI for sightseeing), which are being conducted by the MILT’s Highway Bureau as part of the “New Road Technology Development Project”. Moreover, we also discussed on the future research direction and the development of road technology using various big data.



The seminar was so successful that the room was almost full. Thank you very much for your attendance. The following is a summary of the seminar.

At the beginning of the seminar, Prof. Yozo Fujino, a senior distinguished professor at Yokohama National University, gave a keynote speech on the prospects of AI and Big Data applications, mainly in the hardware field.


Prof. Iryo of Kobe University gave a presentation on the construction of a hierarchical database to improve computational efficiency when using vehicle trajectory data.


Prof. Fukuda, an associate professor of our laboratory, presented the results of research related to ETC2.0 and Wi-Fi, in which he has been mainly engaged for the past three years.


Prof. Tsukai, an associate professor of Hiroshima University, presented his research on the reconstruction of road stock effect measurement technology.


In addition, Prof. Arimura, an associate professor at Muroran Institute of Technology, and Prof. Harada, a professor at the University of Tokyo, made presentations on the road infrastructure required for the realization of an autonomous driving society.



Then, Prof. Rikiishi, an associate professor at Hiroshima University, Prof. Kuwahara at Tohoku University, and Prof. Fuse at the University of Tokyo presented their researches on the development of traffic analysis, prediction, and management methods using AI.




Finally, Mr. Mizuno of the MILT’s Road Bureau, gave a presentation on the future research direction and development of road technology utilizing various big data, and a panel discussion followed.


The following is a recap of the program of the day.


Presentation: Research and Development of Road Technology Utilizing Various Big Data

Date: Friday, 22 February 2019, 13:00-17:40

Venue: Takeda Hall, Takeda Advanced Knowledge Building, The University of Tokyo (2-11-16 Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0032, Japan)

Organized by:

  • Iryo Laboratory, Department of Civil Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Kobe University
  • Regional Environmental Planning Laboratory, Department of Social and Environmental Engineering Program, Faculty of Engineering, Hiroshima University
  • Fukuda Laboratory, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, School of Environmental and Social Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Co-organized by: Road Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism


13:00 Opening: Daisuke Fukuda, Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology

13:05 ATP Special Invited Lecture
 Yozo Fujino (Senior Distinguished Professor, Yokohama National University Advanced Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo)
  Prospects for AI and Big Data Applications in Infrastructure Maintenance and Management

13:40 Final year results report on the specific project “Various Big Data Applications including ETC2.0” (25 min. x 3 persons)
 Takamasa Iryo (Professor, Graduate School of Kobe University)
  Construction of a Hierarchical Database for Efficient Utilization of Stored Vehicle Track Data
 Daisuke Fukuda (Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  Research and Development of “Data-driven” Traffic Demand and Spatial Management Using ETC2.0 Probe Information, etc.
 Makoto Tsukai (Associate Professor, Hiroshima University)
  Reconstruction of technology for measuring road stock effectiveness using multiple data sources

14:55 Break

15:05 Specific Subject: “Road Infrastructure Required for the Realization of an Autonomous Driving Society”: Report for the second fiscal year
 Kanji Arimura (Associate Professor, Muroran Institute of Technology)
  Research and Development of New Road Transportation Policies to Support Production Space Using Autonomous Driving and Road Stations”
 Noboru Harada (Professor, University of Tokyo)
   A new road stock evaluation method for the diffusion of automated driving systems in convection-type regional blocs

15:45 Report on the first year of the project “Development of AI-based Traffic Analysis, Forecasting and Management Methodology
 Makoto Rikiishi (Associate Professor, Graduate School of Hiroshima University)
  Research and development of short-term traffic forecasting method and comprehensive traffic demand management based on AI technology”
 Masao Kuwahara (Professor, Tohoku University)
  Detection and Alerting of Unusual Events by Traffic Flow Theory and AI Learning
 Takashi Fuse (Professor, The University of Tokyo)
  Research and development of tourism congestion management based on learning-based monitoring and traffic flow forecasting

16:30 Break

16:45 Panel Discussion (45 minutes) “Prospects for R&D on Road Technology Utilizing Various Big Data
 Makoto Tsukai [Organizer]
 Koji Mizuno [Director, Evaluation Office, Planning Division, Road Bureau, MLIT], Takamasa Iryo, Daisuke Fukuda, Masao Kuwahara

17:30 Closing (40 minutes) Takamasa Iryo (Professor, Graduate School of Kobe University)

18:00 Reception @ University of Tokyo Co-op Cafeteria 2 [3,000 yen/person, advance registration required].



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