[25-29 June 2018]

Mr. Dantsuji (D2) attended the conference of the International Transport Economics Association (ITEA) held in Hong Kong and made a presentation, “Department time and Transportation Mode Choice in Cities with Road Bottleneck and Crowding in Transit”.


This is a study that analyzes fare policies by constructing a departure time and transportation mode choice model that takes into account bottleneck congestion at the network level and on-board train congestion. The model includes new modeling techniques such as adopting MFD to represent bottlenecks, and reducing capacity as congestion increases.

In addition, Prof. Fukuda gave a presentation on the contents of Mr. Shiroma’s graduation thesis under the title, “Tolling and Traffic Demand: Evidence from the 2016 Toll Scheme Reform on Urban Expressway Network in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area”. It is a causal effect analysis that considering the price change as a natural experiment situation.


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