Welcome, Dr. Ali-gul Qureshi and Dr. Jose Escribano-Macias!

On May 19th, our lab had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Ali-gul Qureshi and Dr. Jose Escribano-Macias. Dr. Ali-gul Qureshi is an associate professor at Kyoto University with a research focus on urban logistics studies, while Dr. Jose Escribano-Macias is a research associate at Imperial College London, specializing in autonomous vehicles, urban logistics, and resilience studies.

During their visit, we engaged in fruitful discussions on various topics, including urban transportation network modeling, e-hailing services, urban resilience, and disaster reconstruction. The exchange of viewpoints provided valuable insights and opened up possibilities for future cooperation opportunities.Welcome_Ali_and_Jose.jpgWe extend our gratitude to Dr. Ali-gul Qureshi and Dr. Jose Escribano-Macias for their visit and look forward to exploring some cooperation opportunities with them in the near future.

[Chee Yung]


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