The 4th Urban Redesign Conference

[25 – 27 November, 2022]

The 4th Urban Redesign Conference was held at the University of Tokyo from 25th November (Friday) to 27th November (Sunday). (From B4 Nakamura)

On the first day of the conference, an urban redesign field tour was held. There were two tours, one was the Arakawa River Basin Flood Control Tour and the other was the Reconstruction Tour around the remains of the Great Kanto Earthquake. In the morning, we visited the Yokoamicho Park Museum. We then returned to the school for a discussion session in the afternoon after the field tour. It was the route from Ryogoku to Asakusa, which I had traveled many times before, but when I looked at it from the viewpoint of remains, I realized how much the city was lost in the Great Kanto Earthquake, and what we see in our daily lives was formed after that. It was a tour that made me think about what it is. At the discussion session, we had a valuable time to discuss Shinpei Goto’s topic in groups and talk about the pros and cons of urban development.dss_symposium2022_2.jpgOn the second and third days, various lecture programs were held at the university. As I am also working on my thesis on disaster recovery, it was a great honor to meet with the professors whose papers I had read. I was also impressed by the presentations by the Disaster Prevention Geography Department, in which students from elementary school to high school actively proposed what they could do to increase their disaster prevention capabilities in order to raise awareness of disaster prevention.

The theme of this year’s Urban Redesign Conference was “Cities Living between Disasters,” and it stated that phase-free disaster prevention is important, rather than classifying normal times and disasters. In order to achieve this, it is necessary for many people, regardless of their field, to rethink “disaster” from multiple perspectives and on a daily basis. This phrase really stuck with me, and I would like to keep it in mind in my graduation thesis.

Thanks for this learning opportunity!

Please click here for details of the conference.dss_symposium2022_1.jpg[中村]





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