Master’s and Undergraduate Interim Presentations

The midterm presentation for M1 and B4 students was held at the Hongo campus on 27th and 28th September, respectively. This was the first physical interim presentation after the COVID-19 pandemic.From our lab, Mr. Krittanai and Mr. Chee Yung (M1 students), and Ms. Nakamura (B4 student) have presented their research. Their research titles are shown as follows:

  • Mr. Krittanai: How does Price Affect the Utilization of Ride-sourcing Services? An evidence from Uber Japan Experiment
  • Mr. Chee Yung: Evaluating the Impacts of Dynamic Fare Pricing Considering a Semi-Dynamic Link-Based Transit Assignment within an Activity-Travel Simulator: An Application to the Tokyo Metropolitan Area
  • Ms. Nakamura: Optimal Allocation Plan of Residential Area
    during Disaster Restoration Period
    Considering Citizens’ Life-Style[ライフスタイルを考慮した災害復興時の最適居住配置計画に関する研究]

We have received many useful comments from professors in different fields. Here, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude towards them. Moreover, we hope all students can keep going for their research in the remaining days!

cheeyung_midterm.jpg krittanai_midterm.jpg nakamura_B_midterm.jpg

[Chee Yung]


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