The 9th lab seminar in the second seminar

[November 29, 2018].

Mr. Hirabayashi (M2) and Ms. Kaneko (M2) presented their research in this seminar.

Mr. Hirabayashi’s research, “Extracting Distribution Patterns of Pedestrian Flow Speed-Density Relationships Considering Spatial Correlation,” addresses the local spatial nature of pedestrian speed-density relationships. He uses the data from the Lausanne train station in Switzerland. Moreover, he tries to elucidate the mechanism of the occurrence of local spatiality.

Ms. Kaneko’s research entitled “A Study on the Construction of Sequential Route Selection Behavior and Optimal Charging System” aims to propose an optimal charging system that combines Markovian Traffic Equilibrium (MTE), which is an equilibrium allocation based on a Markov process in which travelers make sequential route choices, and congestion charging optimization.


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