The 5th to 8th lab seminars in 2019

[2019/05/30, 06/03, 06/06 & 06/13]

In the 5th lab seminar, (new M1 students) Mr. Koyata and Mr. Shimizu presented their graduation research at their home universities and what they would like to do in the future.

Mr. Koyata presented an analysis of the results of a questionnaire survey conducted in the Minato Mirai area regarding people’s acceptance and evaluation of street trees in redevelopment areas.

Mr. Shimizu presented a plan for restructuring the bus transportation network using smart card data, using the Higashi-Hiroshima City network as an example of the measures to be taken and their evaluation.

In the 6th seminar, Mr. Ge gave a lecture on the Markov Decision Model applied to the Q-learning algorithm, followed by presentations by (B4 students) Mr. Ukai and Ms. Tabuchi on their research topics.

In the 7th seminar, Mr. Kita (M1) presented again the contents of his graduation thesis and his future research plan, and Mr. Wang (M1) presented his research plan on flow analysis of tourist attractions using WiFi data.

In the 8th lab seminar, Mr. Azarel (D1) presented his research concept on Mobility as a Service (MaaS). Moreover, Ms. Salsabia (M2) presented the results of several models on the impact of TOD on land prices in the Tokyo metropolitan area and compared them.





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