We went to Yaeyama islands for a tourism survey!


We participated in a survey on tourism in Ishigaki Island jointly with Kamiya Laboratory of Ryukyu University and Chuo Construction Consultants. The purpose of this survey was to investigate the flow of tourists visiting Ishigaki Island and surrounding remote islands during August and September. (M1 student) Ms. Wang and (B4 student) Ms. Tabuchi participated from our laboratory.

The survey was conducted on Ishigaki Island and the surrounding islands (Iriomote, Hateruma, and Taketomi). Iriomote Island is known for the Iriomote wildcat, and the number of traffic accidents involving wild animals including Iriomote wildcat has been increasing in recent years. In this study, Wi-fi packet sensors were installed at major tourist spots, terminals, and near the airport to investigate the movements of tourists visiting Ishigaki Island by collecting information sent from Wi-Fi on mobile devices such as smartphones owned by tourists. We also conducted a traffic survey by installing Bluetooth packet sensors along roads in Iriomote Island for the purpose of investigating the status of traffic accidents in Iriomote Island. In order to observe the speed of the traveling cars, we installed Bluetooth packet sensors along the roads of Iriomote Island, which can also observe the speed of passing cars. We also conducted a bus boarding and alighting survey and questionnaire survey in order to investigate the diffusion of the transfer guide service by Google’s application.


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