The 5th-8th basic seminars


In the 5th seminar, Mr. Koyata (M1) gave a lecture on Hierarchical Cluster Analysis and Non-Hierarchical Cluster Analysis (k-means method), from basic theory to coding in R.

In the sixth seminar, Mr. Ukai (B4) conducted the multinomial logit model (MNL), nested logit model (NL), and mixed logit model (MXL), including coding using PandasBiogeme, the third version of Biogeme, which was released in December 2018. PandasBiogeme is the third version of Biogeme, released in December 2018, that can work on Jupyter Notebook and uses the Python package Pandas. As a side note, I personally found it very easy to use compared to the previous version of Biogeme.

In the 7th seminar, Ms. Tabuchi (B4) explained the two shortest path search methods (Dijkstra method and label correction method), from basic theory to coding in R and Python, using simple and virtual networks as examples.

In the 8th seminar, Mr. Shimizu (M1) taught the coding of deterministic user equilibrium (UE) allocation in Python.



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