About the Urban Redesign Studio

Last Sunday, we presented the results of the Urban Redesign Studio that we have been working on since April for the local people in Uwajima City.

The studio is offered by the Urban Redesign Studies Unit, in which Fukuda sensei is one of the core members. In this studio, graduate students from the department of civil engineering, urban engineering and architecture have worked on the preliminary urban redesign proposal for Uwajima City in Ehime Prefecture. From our lab, Chee Yung and I (Hasegawa) have participated in this studio.

When I was an undergraduate student, I had several opportunities to deal with case studies on different sites. However, this was my first time to perform an urban redesign plan based on on-site surveys and interviews, and to make a presentation at the site. Therefore, we had many discussions not only with our group members but also with students from other groups, professors, and some officials from Uwajima city. We continued to think about whether our proposal can really be fitted in a city where will face some natural disasters and population decline problems over the long term.

Although I was only able to participate the on-site presentation remotely, I hope to hear from the other members who visited the site in detail about the reaction of the citizens to the presentation and whether they agree on it, so that we can further refine our proposal in the future (as I’m planning to apply for the Urban Redesign Competition that will be held in this fall).



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