Okinawa Bus Lane Effectiveness Study


A vehicle speed survey using Bluetooth, which is used in smartphones and other devices, was conducted in southern Okinawa by the Regional Futures Research Center and Kamiya Laboratory of the University of the Ryukyus. From our laboratory, (M2 student) Mr. Imaoka, (M1 students) Mr. Ogawa and Mr. Shiroma, and (B4 student) Mr. Kita participated in the survey.

The survey covered buses and regular vehicles on Route 58 between Kumoji, Naha City and Isa, Ginowan City in the Okinawa Prefecture, where bus lanes are in operation. Ten Bluetooth sensing devices were installed in this section.

Since this survey was conducted during the “Watta~Bus Grand Experiment“, which is being conducted to relieve serious road congestion in Okinawa Prefecture, it is expected to measure the results of promoting no-car commuting and staggered commuting during the period from 15th October to 31th October in 2018.

After the survey, we also held a meeting with the Kamiya Lab.





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