The 21st Behavior Modeling Summer School

On 23rd to 25th September, the Behavior Modeling Summer School 2022 was held in a hybrid form on the Hongo campus and online. This year, a Japanese student team and a foreign student team, have participated the summer school from our lab.

The Japanese student team, including Mr. Uechi from the University of the Ryukyus, analyzed the effect of vaccination on people’s behavior using the Nested Logit (NL) model. On the other hand, the foreign student team adopted a Multinomial Logit (MNL) model to analyze the impact of dynamic train fare on train ridership. The foreign student team placed 8th out of 24 teams! Congratulations on them!

As for the Japanese student team, we were not able to differentiate themselves from the other teams in terms of the research topic. Next year, we hope that the Japanese team will take a unique approach to analyze more interesting topics and achieve better results than this year!


[Hasegawa (Translated: Chee Yung)]


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