The 6th-9th Lab Seminar

Recently, the weather is getting hotter and hotter. I am now getting busy with my courses, laboratory activities and job-hunting activities, and I will continue do my best in July.

For this post, I would like to look back on our laboratory seminars this June. A total of four seminars were held in June, and these learning seminars basically dealt with transportation networks. The first two learning seminars dealt with simple route choice models and deterministic user equilibrium concept on transportation networks. Although I have studied these concepts in my undergraduate study and last year’s learning seminar, my understanding of these concepts has been further deepened this time.

For the last two learning seminars, stochastic user equilibrium and demand-variant user equilibrium have been studied. As a conclusion of the learning seminar on transportation networks, I will explain the spatial price equilibrium model tomorrow, which is closely related to the spatial computable general equilibrium (SCGE) model that I worked on in my graduation thesis. I am going to explain the spatial price equilibrium model in connection with my research, but I haven’t finished tomorrow’s material yet ><

Let’s get off the lab seminars above mentioned, five of nine student members in our lab, including myself, have celebrated our birthdays in June! According to the “Summary of Statistics on Birth” published by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan, there is about a 10% chance that a person will be born in June, it is a pretty great probability (the probability that more than 5 out of 9 students have the same birthday month is about 1%, if you roughly calculated it)!

hasegawa_birthday.jpgBy the way, my birthday was celebrated with a shortcake after the lab seminar ~




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