2nd-5th Laboratory seminar

Four lab seminars were held this May. Since last month, we have continued to study about discrete choice models in the learning seminar. Each member will explain different models and their estimation methods each week. From logit models to probit models and mixed logit models, I had only dealt with the basic Nested logit model before and I feel struggled now. I will not say that I understood them completely, but at least I could understand some important points of each method, and I will do some revisions when I am going to use them in my future research or practice. As I have listened to these models before, it will be easier to understand them later.

In the research progress seminar, Mrs. Hazama (M2), Mr. Arai (M2), and Mr. Lee (M1) gave presentations. Mrs. Hazama is conducting research on niche tourist attractions using big data, and she is going to conduct a case study on Okinawa. I would love to help her when she conducts a field survey later(for research purposes only!).



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