Lab Activity Started in 2021!

We have started our laboratory activities under a new structure with the addition of (M1) Mr. Arai, (B4) Mr. Hasegawa and (B4) Mr. Ebashi.
The following are the topics that each student is working on.
 Mr. Ukai: Theoretical basis of information design
 Mr. Kimura Departure time selection, user equilibrium, and system optimization
 Mr. Sakurai: Mathematical optimization of mobility and activity modeling
 Ms. Tabuchi Pricing of MaaS
 Mr. Arai: Benefit Evaluation under Uncertainty
 Mr. Tabata: Risk-averse route guidance
 Mr.Ebashi: Experimental approach in transportation
 Mr. Hasegawa: Research Trends in Long-Term Residence Choice
Seminar activities in the first semester will be conducted once a week in a hybrid format which combines face-to-face and online activities. The choice of which seminar to participate in is up to the students, but in the first seminar, all students are required to participate in the face-to-face seminar. Many of the students expressed their desires to participate in face-to-face seminars in the future.

There are three types of seminars in the first semester:

  1. Basic seminar
    It is a seminar in which students learn the basic knowledge required for conducting research, following the textbook. In this semester, we will cover microeconomics and game theory, fundamentals of econometric analysis, mechanism design, and data-driven statistical analysis (machine learning, Bayesian, optimization).
  2. Research progress seminar
    It is a seminar in which each member reports on his/her research progress. Each member is expected to report twice every six months.
  3. Paper reading seminar
    It is a seminar for reviewing and presenting English literature. Each member chooses an English paper that can introduce his/her research theme as “comprehensively” as possible.

Although there are many uncertainties due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all members are enthusiastic about their research.

I look forward to working with you all this year.



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