Members of the Behavioral Model Summer School 2021 Received the Davis Awards

Mr. Arai (M1) and Mr.  Tabata (M1) and Mr. Ebashi (B4) and Mr. Hasegawa (B4) participated in the “Behavioral Modeling Summer School 2021” held from 15th to 19th September 2021, and they received the Davis Award.
The Behavioral Modeling Summer School is a program for graduate students, young researchers, engineers, and policy makers from all over Japan specializing in civil engineering, architecture, and urban planning to acquire basic and specialized knowledge of discrete choice models that adopted in urban planning and transportation planning. In the summer school, each team works on a programming study using the smartphone probe person data.
From our lab, Mr. Arai (M1) and Mr.  Tabata (M1) and Mr. Ebashi (B4) and Mr. Hasegawa (B4) had participated as a team. They came up with the idea that people’s value of time has changed due to the coronavirus pandemic, and that the required urban planning is also changing. Therefore, by constructing a multinomial logit model from probe person data in Toyosu in 2019 and 2020, we confirmed that the value of time is increasing during the corona crisis, and some further urabn planning policies will be required in the future.

This result was evaluated as an interesting fact finding by behavioral analysis, and hence received the “Davis Award”.

I would we can continue to discover some interesting facts in the real-world through behavioral models.



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