Seminar on Tourism Research and Spatial Economics @ Nikko

[2018/06/22 ~ 06/24]

We spent two nights and three days off campus in Nikko until yesterday. On Saturday, we had a seminar on spatial economics, while on Sunday, we conducted a tourism flow survey with several guests.

  • Spatial Economics Seminar

The seminar was held with a number of members in charge of the book “Spatial Economics” by Masahisa Fujita and others (Toyo Keizai Inc., 2000) to increase knowledge and broaden perspectives, and to provide a starting point for future research by the new members. Chapters 1 to 13 were taught by (titles omitted) Mr. Kita (B4), Mr. Muro (M1), Mr. Shiroma (M1), Ms. Iokura (M2), and Ms. Hirabayashi (M2). The work consisted of a repetitive process of analytically constructing a model of how a city is formed and how it develops and declines, and then looking at the results of simulations. I feel that the seminar was a fulfilling experience for all the members, who not only understood the scope of their own work, but also read the previous and following sections, and held discussions with the other members in charge of the previous and following sections.


– Tourism Flow Survey

Using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which are commonly used in smartphones and car navigation systems, we conducted a survey of tourist flow in the Nikko area. Large-scale road congestion is occurring around Toshogu Shrine, and its improvement is urgently needed. As part of the countermeasures, a detailed understanding of traffic congestion is indispensable, and this survey was conducted for this purpose. In addition to the Toshogu area, measurements were also taken at nearby railroad stations, bus stops, and the Chuzenji Lake area to understand the flow of tourists.

Fukuda Laboratory’s Wi-Fi-based tourist flow survey has long been conducted in cooperation with Mr. Suga of the Institute for the Future of Regional Economy, who provided tremendous support for this survey as well.

The third-year undergraduate students in the civil engineering course have a class called “Colloquium,” and this survey was also part of that class. I participated in the colloquium with Mr. Honma and Mr. Miyazaki, who are third-year undergraduates.


– Happy Birthday, Mr. Suzuki!

Mr. Suzuki (M2) celebrated his birthday. We held a small surprise party for him.



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