Okinawa Tourism Flow Survey conducted

From 25th to 28th August, Asakura Laboratory and Kamiya Laboratory of University of the Ryukyus jointly conducted a survey of tourist flow in the Motobu Peninsula of Okinawa Island, where Churaumi Aquarium and other facilities are located. Two third-year students (Ms. Iokura and Mr. Shiroma) from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering also participated.

In Okinawa, there is a lack of quantitative data for analyzing how tourists travel between tourist attractions, and there is no data for creating a plan to encourage tourists who visit major tourist attractions to appropriately tour neighboring tourist attractions. This situation makes it difficult to properly evaluate the effectiveness of plans. In this survey, we target visitors to the Motobu Peninsula area of Okinawa’s main island for the purpose of sightseeing, and collect information sent from Wi-Fi devices installed in mobile devices such as smartphones owned by tourists through dedicated devices installed at major sightseeing spots, etc., in order to clarify what kind of touring behavior and facility-staying behavior tourists are engaged in within the area. This information is then used to clarify what kind of touring and facility-staying behavior tourists are engaging in in the area. In addition, a questionnaire survey (interview survey) of tourists was conducted at major tourist spots to collect detailed information.


We would like to thank the Okinawa General Bureau of the Cabinet Office, related local governments, and facility managers for their cooperation in conducting the survey. This survey was conducted as part of the “Research and Development of ‘Data-driven’ Traffic Demand and Spatial Management Using ETC2.0 Probe Information” (2016-2018), a specific project of the Road Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, “Research and Development of Technology to Improve the Quality of Road Policy”.


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