Introduction to papers (Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers)

Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Special Issue on D3 Vol. 72, No. 5 (Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Vol. 33) has been published, and the following paper based on the master’s thesis by a graduate student, Mr. Endo, has been accepted for publication. This paper received the Best Paper Award of the Japan Society of Civil Engineers for this year.

  • INVESTIGATING THE RELATION BETWEEN NATURAL DISASTERS AND ECONOMIC GROWTH USING CROSS-COUNTRY AND SECTOR-BASED MACROECONOMIC DATA. (Daisuke FUKUDA, So-ichiro ENDO). Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. D3 (Infrastructure Planning and Management), 2016, Volume 72, Issue 5, Pages I_293-I_303. 

(Abstract) This study examined the causal relationship between natural disasters and economic growth. We set up an econometric model to analyze cross-country and sector-based macroeconomic data jointly with several indices of natural disasters. We found that i) natural disasters may affect GDP growth positively but not statically significant; ii) for the growth of each economic sector the effect of natural disaster would be different. Furthermore, we found that major estimation results would be consistent with the hypothesis called “Productivity Effect of Natural Disasters” proposed by past theoretical studies.

Moreover, the paper published by Assistant Professor Nakanishi and Professor Fuse of the University of Tokyo  received the Best Paper Award.

2016IP-Autumn1.jpgPhoto of the award ceremony (Presenter is Mr. Yai)

2016IP-Autumn2.jpgAssociate Prof. Nakanishi also received an award



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