Introduction to the Paper (Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers)

A paper on “Travel Time Reliability,” which has been conducted in our laboratory for many years, has been published. This is a joint research with Prof. Yasuo Asakura’s group.

  • Fukuda, Daisuke & MIZUGUCHI, Masanori & Seo, Toru & Kusakabe, Takahiko & ASAKURA, Yasuo. (2017). EVALUATION OF AREA LEVEL TRAVEL TIME RELIABILITY USING LARGE-SCALE PROBE VEHICLE TRAJECTORIES RECORDED FOR A LONG PERIOD. Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. D3 (Infrastructure Planning and Management). 73. I_1105-I_1118. (Link to the Paper)

Travel time reliability has been basically evaluated in terms of “line” units such as links, routes, and lines. In contrast, against the background of the rapid accumulation of probe information in recent years, this research proposed a method to calculate travel time reliability indices at the area level using statistical values of total travel distance and total travel time obtained by aggregating vehicle travel trajectory data in an arbitrary time-space domain (e.g., in “area” units). This enables, for instance, the evaluation of the time reliability performance of the road network of an administrative region, and the impact analysis for areal measures (area inflow charges), external shocks (e.g., snowfall), and etc.



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