A New Paper Released from Our Lab!

Prof. Fukuda, along with Dr. Dantsuji (from Monash and Kanazawa Universities) and Prof. Takayama (from TokyoTech), recently published a new paper on perimeter control under the bathtub (MFD) traffic dynamics with public transport. This paper examines the travelers’ behavior changes in response to perimeter control with transit priority in a mixed bimodal transportation system with cars and flexible route transit (FRT) vehicles. 

(Dr. Dantsuji is one of the alumni at our lab. He is currently working as a research associate at Monash University in Australia.)

Takao Dantsuji; Yuki Takayama; Daisuke Fukuda. (2023) Perimeter control in a mixed bi-modal bathtub. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological. Vol. 173, pp. 267–291.
(Freely accessible for 50 days from the following link:)


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