New Research Paper (Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services)

A new paper with Dr. Yuki Oyama (and others) on E-commerce users’ preference toward detailed delivery options has been accepted. The article is open-access, so please feel free to download it if it interests you.

The findings indicate that many customers are unwilling to pay a significant amount for faster delivery and do not highly value time slot shortening. This information may guide strategies for managing demand to reduce delivery burdens while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Yuki Oyama; Daisuke Fukuda; Naoto Imura; Katsuhiro Nishinari. (2024)
Do people really want fast and precisely scheduled delivery? E-commerce customers’ valuations of home delivery timing.
Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services. Volume 78, 103711, ISSN 0969-6989.


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