A new book chapter on traffic simulation

MATSim“, a multi-agent traffic simulator developed by Prof. K.W. Axhausen (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) and Prof. K. Nagel (Technical University of Berlin), has been published as an Open Access Book, which can be accessed by anyone:

Our laboratory has been conducting research on optimal route guidance under travel time variation using MATSim, and we have been given an opportunity to write a chapter of this book to introduce the results of simulation analysis in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. This is the result of research conducted by Ma, Yamada and Shinkai, who are our graduates.

  • Chapter 92: “Tokyo: Simulating Hyperpath-Based Vehicle Navigations and its Impact on Travel Time Reliability” (by Daisuke Fukuda, Jiangshan Ma, Kaoru Yamada and Norihito Shinkai).

The authors would like to thank Prof. Axhausen for the opportunity to participate in writing this article.



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