Yuto Shimizu(M2) won the Student Research Encouragement Award – 2020 Grand Prize- by NTT DATA Mathematical Systems Inc.

Mr. Yuto Shimizu, a second-year master’s student, was selected as the winner of the Student Research Encouragement Award of NTT Data Mathematical Systems Inc. for his master’s thesis entitled “Analysis of the Influence of Rainfall on the Increase of Train Delays in Urban Railways”.

The Student Research Encouragement Award is given by NTT DATA MATHEMATICAL SYSTEMS INC. to students for their outstanding research achievements in the mathematical sciences.

The award was featured on the Tokyo Institute of Technology’s Environmental and Civil Engineering web site and in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun newspaper.



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朝倉・福田研究室の清水裕斗さん(修士2)の研究が、()NTTデータ数理システム「2020年度学生研究奨励賞 最優秀賞」を受賞



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