[Finished] The 31st TSU Seminar “Future Cities Lab. Dr. Pieter J. Fourie”

[The presentation was successfully finished.].

Happy New Year! We are pleased to invite Dr. Pieter J. Fourie to Tokyo Tech for the 31st TSU Seminar. He is the leader of the Engaging Mobility Team at the Future Cities Laboratory, ETH Zurich’s transportation research branch in Singapore, where he is promoting a project on traffic big data analysis. In this seminar, he will talk about autonomous vehicles as well as other projects in the lab.

The 31st TokyoTech TSU

(Date & Time)
Jan. 9th, 2018, 1PM-3PM

(Place) Tokyo Institute of Technology
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Midorigaoka Building No.5 (M5), 2F,
Small Meeting Room

Dr. Pieter J. Fourie (Future Cities Laboratory@Singapore, ETH Zurich)

Towards integrated urban design and simulation of autonomous vehicles:
Engaging mobility @ Future Cities Laboratory


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