Conference Presentation (TRB, January 2017)

Prof. Fukuda, Mr. Dantuji, and Mr. Ma (former researcher at Tokyo Institute of Technology) participated in the 98th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board (TRB), and presented the following five papers.

  • Kato, H., Fukuda, D., Yamashita, Y., Iwakura, S. and Yai, T.: “Latest urban rail demand forecast model system in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area.”
  • Zheng, N., Dantsuji, T., Wang, P. and Geroliminis, N.: “A macroscopic approach for optimizing road space allocation of bus lanes in multimodal urban networks through simulation analysis.”
  • Ma, J., Fukuda, D. and Ge. Q.: “Developing and testing adaptive vehicle navigation in the Field.”
  • Ge. Q., Ma, J. and Fukuda, D.: “A dynamic network loading model using macroscopic traffic dynamics for multiple-reservoir system.”
  • Seo, T., Wada, K. and Fukuda, D.: “A macroscopic and dynamic model of urban rail transit with delay and congestion”.



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