Autumn Conference on Infrastructure Planning and Management @ Oita

[23-25 November 2018]

The 58th Autumn Conference on Infrastructure Planning and Management was held at Oita University from November 23rd to 25th. In our lab, Mr. Shiroma (M1) presented in the oral presentation category, and Mr. Abe (OB), Mr. Shinohara (OB) and Ms. Kobayashi (OG), alumni of our laboratory who graduated in 2018, presented in the poster session category. Ms. Kobayashi’s poster presentation was highly evaluated and she received the “Excellent Poster Award”. We would like to take this opportunity to those who provided comments at the conference.

For the research title, “Short-Term Impact Analysis of Expressway Toll Scheme in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area”, Mr. Shiroma (M1) examined the short-term impacts of new expressway toll scheme in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area (introduced in April 2016) on each OD pair trip traffic volume and route traffic volume. A causal effect analysis was adopted on the impact and a route choice model was constructed.


Moreover, under the research title, “Effects of Life Events on Household Car Ownership: Analysis Using Large Household Panel Data”, Mr. Abe constructed a discrete choice model of the effects of life events such as house moving, marriage, and childbirth on changes in household car ownership and vehicle type.


In addition, Mr. Shinohara presented his research title, “”A Study on Tour-Based Pattern Selection Model for Freight Vehicles within Urban Areas”. For his research, he constructed a tour-based pattern selection model on instead of a conventional trip-based model. He then conducted a simulation on the impact of the introduction of time-based pricing policy in urban areas on the tour patterns of freight vehicles.


Ms. Kobayashi’s research topic was “Model Analysis of Wide-Area Sightseeing Excursion Behavior Using Wi-Fi Packet Sensing Data”. She first constructed a sightseeing behavior model of tourists in Hokkaido by collecting data from Wi-Fi packet sensors, and then conducted a simulation of tourists’ choice of visiting places.



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