Conference Presentation (JSCE Conference, June 2015)

Our lab presented the following papers at the 51st Conference of the Committee of Infrastructure Planning and Management which held at Kyushu University Ito Campus on 6th to 7th, June 2015. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Kyushu University for hosting the conference and for their comments on our presentation.

  • Iwase, Tadokoro, & Fukuda: Suppression of Hunting Phenomenon by Self-Realizing Persuasion
  • Tsuchiya, Fukuda, Sakashita, & Muto: Analysis of the effect of road improvement on time reliability of airport access
  • Ito, Fukuda, & Ma: Construction and Verification of a Route Guidance System for Avoiding Delay Risk Based on Hyperpath
  • Shinkai, Ma, & Fukuda: Traffic Network Flow Analysis Considering Route Selection Based on Hyperpath to Avoid Lateness Risk
  • Kikuchi and Fukuda: Departure Time Selection Model for Railroad Users in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area: An Empirical Analysis by Route Considering the Effect of Congestion
  • Mizuguchi & Fukuda: Long-term time series analysis of expressway traffic volume fluctuations



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