Research Presentations at Japan Society of Traffic Engineers (JSTE)

[9-10 August 2022]

On 9 and 10 August, Mr. Ebashi (M1) and Mr. Sakurai (OB) presented their research at Japan Society of Traffic Engineers (JSTE), which was held at the Waseda Campus, Waseda University. Their research titles are shown as follows:

Analysis of the impact of introducing congestion charging to tourist attractions on excursion tourism behavior. [観光地への混雑課金導入が周遊行動に与える影響への分析]
(Rikuto Sakurai, Natsuho Iokura, & Daisuke Fukuda)

Online experimental study of a traffic information provision method based on self-fulfilling signals. [自己実現シグナルに基づく交通情報提供方法のオンライン実験研究]
(Kyoshiro Ebashi & Daisuke Fukuda)

We have received many useful comments on each presentation from Prof. Muromachi of Tokyo Institute of Technology and others. Here, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude towards them.




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