Conference Presentation (HKSTS, December 2016)

Prof. Fukuda, Prof. Nakanishi, Mr. Ge, Mr. Dantuji, Mr. Mizuguchi, and Mrs. Kaneko attended the Hong Kong Society for Transportation Studies (HKSTS) and gave the following presentations. We thank all the researchers for their valuable comments.

  • Route Choice Analysis with Recursive Logit Model and Large-Scale Probe Vhihicle Data in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area [Noriko KANEKO and Daisuke FUKUDA]
  • A Community Detection Method for Identifying Neighborhoods of Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram [Qian GE, Pengfei WANG and Daisuke FUKUDA]
  • Evaluation of Impact of Olympic Lanes on Urban-Scale Traffic Network in Central Tokyo Based on Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram Approach [Takao DANTSUJI and Daisuke FUKUDA]
  • A Simplified Model of Urban Railway System for Dynamic Traffic Assignment [Toru SEO, Kentaro WADA and Daisuke FUKUDA]
  • Estimating Area-Wide Travel Time Variability Using Probe Data [Masanori MIZUGUCHI, Takahiko KUSAKABE, Daisuke FUKUDA and Yasuo ASAKURA]





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