Conference Presentation (JSCE Conference, November 2016)

Fukuda Lab. participated in the Fall Conference of the Committee of Infrastructure Planning and Management that held at Nagasaki University from 4th to 6th November. Our lab had presented 10 papers, the largest number of papers ever presented at an autumn conference.

  1. Investigating the relation between natural disasters and economic growth using cross-country and sector-based macroeconomic data [Daisuke FUKUDA (Tokyo Institute of Technology) and So-ichiro ENDO]
  2. Estimation of the benefits of improving the time reliability of the multilevel project using probe data [Takashi ISHIDA (Road Planning Co., Ltd.), Hitoshi YOSHIZAWA, Yasuhiro NONAKA, Yuichi MORI, Daisuke FUKUDA].
  3. Basic research on the change in station selection behavior of railroad users with the location of new large-scale facilities around stations [Kensuke NAGASE (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Daisuke FUKUDA, Kanehiro NAKAI].
  4. Basic Analysis on Probabilistic Characteristics of Train Delay Phenomena in Urban Railways [Keiwa KIKUCHI (Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd.), Daisuke FUKUDA].
  5. Application of Link-Based Recursive Logit Model to Route Selection Analysis in Metropolitan Area Road Network [Noriko KANEKO (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Daisuke FUKUDA].
  6. User behavior analysis for the study of common urban rail fare [Takahiro TSURU (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Daisuke FUKUDA].
  7. Model development to simultaneously determine the location and quantity of logistics facilities in the Tokyo metropolitan area [Takemi SHINOHARA (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Daisuke FUKUDA, Hidenori OKA, Tetsuro HYODO].
  8. Travel time reliability evaluation at area level using probe data [Masanori MIZUGUCHI (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Takahiko KUSAKABE, Daisuke FUKUDA, Yasuo ASAKURA].
  9. Area-wide evaluation of the introduction of Olympic lanes in central Tokyo using Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram [Takao DANTSUJI (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Daisuke FUKUDA].
  10. Impact of the May 27, 2016 Haneda Airport runway closure due to the Korean Air accident on airline users: From the results of a questionnaire to those involved in the Civil Engineering and Planning Research and Presentation Meeting [Mio SUZUKI (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Daisuke FUKUDA, Makoto TSUKAI, Morito TUSTSUMI].


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