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Tokyo Institute of Technology
Asakura Laboratory(Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Prof. ASAKURA, Associate Prof. NAKANISHI)

Yai Lab(Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Prof. YAI)
Muromachi Labo(Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Associate Prof. MUROMACHI)
Hanaoka Research Group(Department of Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering,Prof. HANAOKA)

National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
Prof. Emeritus MORICHI(Prof. Emeritus MORICHI)

The University of Tokyo
Regional Planning and Information Laboratory(Prof. FUSE, Assistant Prof. YASUDA)
Behavior in Networks Studies Unit
(Prof. HATO, Associate Prof. URATA)

Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
Regional Planning Laboratory(Prof. HYODO)

University of Tsukuba
Urban Transportation Lab(Prof. OKAMOTO)
Lab. for Urban Transformation(Prof. TANIGUCHI)
Real Estate & Spatial Statistics Laboratory(Prof. TSUTSUMI)

Waseda University
Urban Science Laboratory (Sasaki Kuniaki labo.)(Prof. SASAKI)

Nagoya University
Morikawa, Yamamoto & Miwa Lab(Prof. MORIKAWA, Prof. TAMAMOTO & Prof. MIWA)

Kyoto University
Fujii Laboratory(Prof. FUJII)

Ibaraki University
Hirata Laboratory(Associate Prof. HIRATA)

Hiroshima University
Transport Studies Group (TSG)(Prof. FUJIWARA, Prof. ZHANG, Associate Prof. CHIKARAISHI)

Ehime University
Social Management Group(Associate Prof. HATORI)
Transportation and urban planning Group
(Prof. YOSHII, Associate Prof. KURAUCHI)

Shibaura Institute of Technology
Transportation Science Laboratory(Prof. IWAKURA)

Tokyo University of Science
Transport & Urban Planning Laboratory(Prof. UCHI)

Japan Transport and Tourism Research Institute

Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies

DTU [Technical University of Denmark] Transport

Centre for Transport Studies, Imperial College London


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