Welcome back, Mr. Uechi!

Mr. Uechi (2nd year master’s student) from University of the Ryukyus visited Fukuda laboratory for a week! Mr. Uechi visited the University of Tokyo during the summer vacation this year, so this was his second visit to our lab. Moreover, at the JSCE Fall Conference held in Okinawa last month, Mr. Uechi and other members from the University of the Ryukyus were very kind to us. (Hereafter, from Mr. Uechi)

I am Uechi, and I am staying here for a week this week.
Thanks to the arrangement of my supervisors, Prof. Kamiya and Prof. Fukuda, I came from Okinawa this time to confirm my master’s thesis following the visit in September.
I am very happy that Professor Fukuda and all the students treated me kindly.
In the seminar, I gave a presentation in English, which I was not accustomed to, and in the discussion with everyone, I was able to reaffirm what I lacked in my research.
I will do my best to complete my master’s thesis when I return to Okinawa!
Thank you for giving us a valuable experience!


A group photo of Mr. Uechi (front row, third from right) and all members of the Fukuda laboratory


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