TSU Summer Seminar 2018


TSU’s annual summer seminar, jointly organized by five TSU laboratories, was held at Sarugakyo Onsen in Minakami Town, Gunma Prefecture. This year, we had research presentations mainly by M2 students, lectures by professors, and interactive discussions. From our laboratory, (M2 students) Mr. Hirabayashi, Ms. Kaneko, Mr. Imaoka, Mr. Suzuki, and (M1 student) Ms. Salsabia presented their research. It was a valuable opportunity for us to listen to and discuss presentations by professors and students from other laboratories, and we believe that it provided a good stimulus for our future research activities.

平林さん発表.jpg金子さん発表.jpg今岡さん発表.jpgあらたさん発表.jpgsalsaさん発表.jpgAlso this year, Mr. Tanaka, a M2 student of University of the Ryukyus, is staying in Fukuda Laboratory and gave a presentation in the summer seminar.

田中さん発表.jpgFurthermore, we had a table tennis match and BBQ as a recreational activity, which was a very meaningful camp.

夏ゼミレク卓球2.jpg夏ゼミレク卓球1.jpgiOS の画像.jpg


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