Master’s Thesis Submission Part 2


Today, Mr. Hirabayashi and Ms. Kaneko, M2 students in the Urban and Environmental Studies course, have have completed the main body of their master’s thesis.

Mr. Hirabayashi’s thesis, entitled “Extraction of Distribution Patterns of Speed-Density Relationship of Pedestrian Flow Considering Spatial Correlation,” is aimed at establishing a precise pedestrian space evaluation index necessary for ensuring safety and comfort in walking spaces, using detailed pedestrian movement trajectory data and a method to extract spatial patterns that enables understanding of local spatiality. The establishment of this method was carried out.

Ms. Kaneko, in her thesis entitled “Research on Sequential Route Selection Model and Optimal Congestion Charging,” developed a framework for optimal congestion charging under Markovian Traffic Equilibrium (MTE), which is an equilibrium allocation based on a Markov process in which travelers select routes sequentially, and implemented it on a large-scale network.


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