Master’s Thesis Submission Part 1


Today, Mr. Imaoka and Mr. Suzuki, M2 students in the Civil Engineering course, have completed the main body of their master’s thesis.

Mr. Imaoka’s research question is whether the Fundamental Diagram, which is often used for automobile traffic flow, can be applied to the actual operation of urban trains that operate at high frequency. He has verified the reproducibility of the current situation using observed data, but the model does not fit the actual situation well, and he is struggling to find out which point is the cause of the problem.

Mr. Suzuki has optimized an intercity transportation network that takes into account passenger excursion behavior in 9 cities across Japan, and has confirmed that the shape of the network changes significantly compared to the shape without the inclusion of excursion behavior.

We are now approaching the submission and presentation of the abstracts, so please work hard in your last spurt.


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