The first lab seminar and basic seminar were held


Laboratory and basic seminars have started using Zoom.

The first lab seminar was held last week on 22nd April.
Ms. Tabuchi and Mr. Ukai, who are now M1 students, presented their graduation theses. The content of their thesis was as written in a previous article, but each of them has been further deepening their research during this spring break, as they are about to submit their theses.

And on 28th April, the first basic seminar was held.
Since it was difficult for all students to gather and work together due to the pandemic, this year’s basic seminar focused on mathematical optimization methods by reading the textbook designated by the professor.
In the first session, new M1 students, Mr. Sakurai and Mr. Kimura explained linear programming and nonlinear programming, respectively.
To be honest, I’m not very good at dealing with complicated mathematical formulas, so I had a hard time keeping up with what they were saying…
But, I think the professor set up a seminar on optimization as a basic seminar because there are a lot of people like that this year, so I’d like to understand the important points somehow. As I’m not in the department of mathematics, so I just need to be able to use it as a calculation method.

Next week the seminar will start on Zoom, what will it be like? 
I will still be at home after all, but I would like to adjust my daily live so that I can be in front of the PC in time for the start of the seminar.

[Mr. Kita]


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