A meeting was held in the laboratory


It’s been a while since my last post, and I am now a M2 student. I will be updating this page for a while in this academic year.
Due to the new coronavirus pandemic, all the tennis courts in my neighborhood are closed, I don’t go to university, and I do all my job hunting on my PC, so I have been living a reclusive life. It seems that I am better suited to a job that requires active physical use.

Today, we had a laboratory meeting on Zoom.

First of all, new members, (M1) Mr. Kimura and (M1) Mr. Sakurai, joined our lab.
Also, (B4 student) Mr. Tabata joined us from the University of Tokyo, where Prof. Fukuda recently moved to.

Mr. Tabata did not attend today’s meeting, so I have not met him yet, but I hope to meet him soon.

At today’s meeting, we decided on a schedule of activities for the lab together.
This year, in addition to the traditional lab seminar, we will have a basic seminar on optimization problems in April and May, and a paper reading seminar from June onward, in which each student will introduce a paper of his or her interest.
Due to a flurry of activity caused by the combination of the professor’s transfer and the delay in the start of the university due to COVID pandemic, we have not been able to work in the lab, but starting next week, we will conduct the seminar as before via Zoom!



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