Graduation ceremony


It has been a while since the graduation ceremony for the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering was held on 26th March.
Considering the recent situation of the coronavirus pandemic, the graduation ceremony was not held for the entire university, and the ceremony for each department was held by inviting students individually to the ceremony.

This year’s graduates are:
Master’s degree: Mr. Shiroma, Mr. Ogawa, Mr. Kawai, Mr. Muro
Bachelor’s degree: Ms. Tabuchi and Mr. Ukai


Mr. Shiroma (M2)


Mr. Muro(M2 Left) and Mr. Ogawa(M2 Right)


Mr. Ukai(B4)


Ms. Tabuchi(B4)


Mr. Kawai did not participate in the ceremony because he was under quarantine for two weeks after returning from Europe. It was unfortunate.
Also, although the TSU farewell party is usually held on the day of the graduation ceremony, the TSU group and the laboratory did not hold a farewell party this year.
It is really regrettable that we could not celebrate the graduation of our seniors, who have been a great help to us ever since I belonged to the laboratory, in such a satisfactory manner, but I look forward to their future activities.


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