JSCE Fall Conference


Sorry for the late update.

The Fall Conference of the JSCE Committee of Infrastructure Planning and Management was held in Toyama Prefecture from 30th November to 2nd December.
From Fukuda Lab, Mr. Ogawa (M2), Mr. Kita (M1), Mr. Imaoka (M2) and Mr. Hirabayashi (M2), who graduated last year, gave presentations.

Mr. Ogawa gave a presentation titled “A Study of Short-term Traffic Forecasting in LSTM Framework: A Case Study of Central Kamakura City” and I, Kita, gave a presentation titled “An Analysis of Determinants of Intention to Use a Fully Automatic Ridesharing System Focusing on Passenger Attributes”. We both have a presentation at HKSTS coming up soon. We are not satisfied with our presentation and will prepare for the next one.

Mr. Imaoka and Mr. Hirabayashi gave a presentation entitled “Train-Passenger Flow Rate Density in High Frequency Urban Rail Systems” and “Spatial Patterns of Speed-Density Relationship of Pedestrian Flow in Congested Stations”, respectively. It was very enjoyable to meet them both for the first time in half a year since graduation and to hear their stories after they entered the workforce.

I also listened to Ms. Wang (M2), Mr. Ukai (B4) and Ms. Tabuchi (B5). I think it was helpful for my own research activities.





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