We went on a lab trip!!


We went to Ishikawa and Fukui prefectures for a 3D2N laboratory trip.

We took the Tokaido Shinkansen and the limited express train “Shirasagi” from Tokyo, and went sightseeing in the Fukui Prefecture on the first day.
In Fukui City, we visited the Hokuriku Shinkansen construction site, which is currently under construction. I had visited the Saikyo Line platform relocation site at Shibuya Station and the Metropolitan Expressway construction site as part of a class before, and it was instructive to learn about the problems unique to regional cities. Thank you very much, Japan Railway Construction, Transport and Technology Agency.


Also, we rode in a fully-automated car that is currently undergoing a driving demonstration experiment in the suburbs of Eiheiji. The vehicle is currently a city five-year-old experimental vehicle, but we will keep a close eye on its future development.


Of course, we also visited at Eiheiji Temple.


We stayed at the Awara Onsen in the first day. During the dinner, each of us was served a crab, and we all tried our best to catch it. We were all so enjoyed until we failed to take a picture of it (lol).


The next day, we moved to Kanazawa City and went sightseeing for two days! It is a good place for taking the photo.


During the trip, there were many schedule changes, such as the suspension of the Hokuriku Shinkansen service due to Typhoon No. 19 hitting the Kanto area, but thanks to Mr. Kawai, the organizer, who promptly arranged hotels, train tickets, and express tickets, we were able to enjoy the trip comfortably. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Mr. Kawai.


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