The second semester of lab activities has begun.


The second semester of laboratory activities started last week.

The first lab seminar was held on September 18, and the second lab seminar was held on September 25.
In the first seminar, (M1 students) Mr. Shimizu, Mr. Koyata, and Mr. Kita gave their presentations.
Mr. Shimizu presented the progress of his research on rainfall and train delays.
Mr. Koyata presented the results of his basic analysis of elderly people’s behavior based on the results of the Tokyo PT survey in 2008.
Mr. Kita presented the results of his previous research on the analysis of determinants of intention to use a fully automated ride-sharing system, which was submitted to HKSTS.

In the second seminar, (M2 students) Mr. Ogawa and Mr. Muro gave presentations.
Mr. Ogawa is working on short-term prediction of traffic conditions in the central area of Kamakura city using a recurrent neural network.
Mr. Muro is analyzing the effect of transportation infrastructure improvement using causal inference.
Both of them reported the progress of their research based on the reflections from the critiques they received from other laboratories in the summer seminar.

Ms. Salsa has graduated and said goodbye to the lab…
Mr. Ge, a researcher, finished his term and went back to China…
I would like to express my gratitude to all the seniors who have been with us since last year. Thank you very much.



However, Ms. Iokura, an M2 student, came back from her study and internship abroad!
Although the number of students in our laboratory has decreased, I think it will become noisy and lively again with the addition of Ms. Iokura!
I am sure it will get harder as we will be busy with our graduation theses and master’s theses, but that’s why we should all have fun and work hard!


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