Master’s thesis final defense

[30-31 January, 2023]

On 30th (Mon.) and 31st (Tue.) January, the face-to-face final defense of master’s thesis was held at Hongo campus. Mr. Arai, Mr. Tabata, and Ms. Hazama (M2 students) presented their theses and all of them had passed the final defense. Moreover, Mr. Arai had received the Furuichi Award.

The titles of each research topic are as follows.

  • Mr. Arai: Analysis of Route Choice Behavior Considering Drivers’ Information Acquisition Process
  • Mr. Tabata: Influence of Residents’ Cognitive Bias for Disaster Risk on Urban Spatial Structure
  • Ms. Hazama: Detection of Niche Sightseeing Spots from Human Flow Big Data and Application to Excursion Management

finaldefense_arai.jpg finaldefense_tabata.jpg finaldefense_hazama.jpg


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