Master’s thesis final defense

[28 July 2023]

On July 28 (Friday), a face-to-face master’s thesis final defense was held at the Hongo Campus for students expected to graduate in September. Mr. Chee Yung and Mr. Krittanai from our lab presented their theses, and both of them had passed the final defense.

The presentation topics were as follows:

  • Chee Yung: Development of a Semi-Dynamic Link-Based Transit Assignment Model
  • Krittanai: How Do Prices Affect the Utilization of Ride-hailing Services: Evidence from Uber Japan Experiments

Following their presentations, valuable comments and questions were received from professors, including Professors Hato, Kikuchi, Sawada, and Morimoto. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to them.




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