Lausanne Station Pedestrian Flow Study


My name is Hirabayashi (M2) and I have spent a week from November 11 for a pedestrian flow survey and meeting at Lausanne train station as part of my research activities.

The purpose of the meeting was to verify the results of the analysis and discussion using the walking trajectory tracking data that I had received from the EPFL research team in advance, through the site visit. Although I was not able to confirm the detailed interactions between pedestrians during the actual site visit, I believe that I was able to experience firsthand the differences between Japan and other countries, where traffic is not as regulated as in Japan (e.g., no promotion of right-side traffic), and the aspect of flow is more varied.

I also had a meeting with the research team of EPFL, who provided mes with the data. Although I could understand only a part of what they said because of my poor English, I could understand that they were not so interested in the results of the analysis that I was interested in, and I will continue to make some interesting discussions. (M2, Hirabayashi)



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