The 12th and 13th lab seminars

[2019/07/17 & 07/22]

In the 12th and 13th seminar, (M1 students) Mr. Shimizu, Mr. Koyata, Mr. Kita, and Ms. Wang and (D1 student) Mr. Azarel gave their presentations.

Mr. Shimizu and Mr. Koyata presented their research plans and reviewed related research on the analysis of train delays and mobility for the elderly, respectively.

Mr. Kita presented the results of a discrete choice model of the determinants of intention to use a fully automated ride-sharing system, based on the results of an SP survey. He is currently using a Panel Mixed Ordered Logit model for more detailed estimation than before.

Ms. Wang presented a study of traffic accidents caused by tourist excursions and contact between endangered animals and cars, which will be conducted using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi packet sensors, and the concept of using the data for research analysis.

Mr. Azarel presented a literature review on Mobility As A Service (MaaS) and a definition of MaaS for future research.


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