The 10th and 11th lab seminar!

[July 4 and 12, 2019]

(M2 students) Mr. Ogawa, Mr. Shiroma, Mr. Muro, and Mr. Kawai presented in the 10th and 11th lab seminar.

Mr. Ogawa presented his research on short-term prediction of traffic conditions using recurrent neural networks, from the overview to the analysis results, using data from the central area of Kamakura City.

Mr. Shiroma presented the concept of his research on the analysis of users’ traffic preferences associated with the spread of electric vehicles (EVs).

Mr. Muro presented a review of similar studies and a future research plan on a method to evaluate the effect of transportation infrastructure development using causal inference.

Mr. Kawai presented the concept of a study on office use intention under the assumption that workers can choose the location of their workplaces due to the spread of teleworking, and its application to transportation demand forecasting, as well as the results of basic model estimation.

In the Q&A session, many participants commented on the need to provide a convincing explanation of the purpose and background of the research. I have decided to devote myself to my research even more than before. 


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