The 2nd & 3rd lab seminar in 2019

[2019/05/09 & 05/16]

Mr. Ogawa and Mr. Shiroma were in charge of the second lab seminar, and Mr. Muro and Mr. Kawai were in charge of the third lab seminar. All of them were M2 students and presented their research concepts mainly for their master’s thesis.

Mr. Ogawa presented his analytical research on short-term traffic volume forecasting on roads using deep learning, focusing on the city of Kamakura. Kamakura has many tourist attractions concentrated in a small area, and traffic congestion is an issue.

Mr. Shiroma presented his research concept on analyzing users’ transportation preferences as electric vehicles (EVs) become more popular.

Mr. Muro presented his research idea and basic knowledge of causal-effect analysis on a method to evaluate the effect of transportation infrastructure development using the causal inference modal.

Mr. Kawai presented his research concept on the transportation demand forecasting when the workplace changes due to the spread of teleworking and the survey analysis of users’ transportation preferences for satellite offices.






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