Report on the visit to Kanazawa University

Last week, Mr. Hasegawa (M1) visited the Urban System Science Laboratory of the Department of Geoscience and Civil Engineering in the College of Science and Engineering, Kanazawa University.

Prof. Takayama has accumulated a lot of research on quantitative spatial economics, which I dealt with in my graduation thesis. He asked me questions and gave me some suggestions on my research presentation at the spring conference of the Committee of Infrastructure Planning and Management. Moreover, Dr. Dantsuji, who graduated from our lab, is affiliated with this laboratory as an assistant professor currently. It was through such a connection that I was able to make this visit!


Dr. Dantsuji and Mr. Omori (M1)

As for the contents of my activities, I learned about the latest research trends about quantitative spatial economics throughout the week. In particular, I had some direct discussions with Professor Takayama. He gave me some advices on what kind of research I should conduct for my master’s degree based on my interests. I believe that this experience will greatly contribute to my future research activities.

In addition, I presented my research to Mr. Sugimoto, Dr. Takayama, and Dr. Dantuji from Yachiyo Engineering Technology Development Institute, and they gave me some advices on my research. I have known Ms. Sugimoto and Dr. Takayama in some papers and online conference presentations, and it was a very valuable time for me to gain some advices from them.


Prof. Takayama and Mr. Sugimoto

I also had participated in their laboratory meeting. It was a good opportunity for me to know research topics of their lab students and to know other laboratory’s characteristics. Furthermore, I was able to communicate with their lab students during some research sessions and meal times. Thanks to that, I was able to spend a fulfilling week, and to devote myself to my research.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Professor Takayama and everyone at the Urban System Science Laboratory. Thank you very much for the week!

[Hasegawa (Translated: Chee Yung)]


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